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Dhananjay Choudhary

Managing Directory of Camtech Manufacturing FZCO in Dubai

Dhananjay Choudhary is often been counted amongst the most popular business personalities across the globe while supervising and driving the major operations of giant industries like Oil, Gas, Heavy engineering and Steel industry. As a famous business person, he carries an experience of more than 28 years in his kitty while working with various reputed corporates globally. As of now, he is connected with Camtech Manufacturing FZCO based in Dubai, UAE as a managing director. Talking about Camtech, it comes over as one of the most renowned valve manufacturing firm since 1999 that got its headquarters based in Dubai, UAE.

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Camtech Manufacturing FZCO

Managing Director

At CAMTECH, we believe in our strong positive vision and constructive value to assure success and ventured into the areas which have been unexplored. We understand our beliefs, values, and ethics to be helpful for us to grow in our voyage for global leadership. We have a sole and single objective for you to assure “100% satisfaction” for our customers, employees, and business partners. We are engaged in providing modern engineered solutions to improve the flow of the control industry. We strive hard to build our time and dreams to extend our support and build their dreams.


Dhananjay Choudhary Camtech

Dhananjay Choudhary Dubai

Mr. Dhananjay Choudhary took birth on 4th august 1973 in one of the famous states in India. Even now he holds Indian citizenship besides being based in Dubai for some of his professional commitments. Looking into his educational qualifications, he has earned a passionate mechanical engineer from one of the most recognized educational institutions in India. If we look down into his major business expertise areas, he has earned some big names in domains like marketing, sales, and corporate management with equal excellence.

Dhananjay Choudhary Camtech is a highly talented business professional who has made some big names in the corporate world while taking care of even the toughest tasks and challenges in hand. While he also possesses a professional technical engineering degree, he has supported the same with some exceptionally planned marketing and business strategies. He got associated with numerous business firms within his 28-year career and efficiently proved his expertise in driving the performances of all the respective businesses.

Dhananjay Choudhary has always proved his expertise as a great leader who has always worked beyond his given limits in order to derive all the desired results for the given organizations. Dhananjay Choudhary Dubai is currently associated with the Camtech manufacturing firm based in Dubai as the managing director. Moreover, he has driven the firm through to all the given financial and economical challenges on their way to success over the past few years.

Dhananjay Kumar Choudhary is a name that can be counted upon to achieve some great business excellence within the stipulated time and he has proved the same skill set on his way to the top of the success ladder. While every business firm works with the main objective of delivering the best products and services to their clients or customers, Dhananjay Choudhary Dubai has perfectly catered to all the given requirements with some effective marketing and business strategies.



Camtech Manufacturing FZCO

Ball Valve

The floating ball design of Ball Valves is the universal choice for most process and utility applications. In this design, sealing takes place by allowing the ball under pressure to move towards the downstream seat to effect a tight seal.

Gate Valve

CAMTECH Gate valves are heavy duty, outside screw and yoke type, Bolted bonnet, rising stem and non-rising handwheel type. The straight through bore design assures minimum turbulence, erosion and resistance to flow.

Globe Valve

CAMTECH Manufacturing Globe valves are heavy duty, outside screw and yoke type, Bolted bonnet, rising stem and rising handwheel type. These valves are highly efficient for service requiring frequent operation and throttling.

Check Valve

CAMTECH Globe valves are heavy duty, outside screw and yoke type, Bolted bonnet, rising stem and rising handwheel type. These valves are highly efficient for service requiring frequent operation and throttling.

Butterfly Vlave

CAMTECH Double Offset Butterfly Valve is design offers rugged reliability and extremely easy maintenance in the field. These valves are Bi-directional with zero leak features. Resilient seat design.

Conduit Gate Valve

Camtech Through Conduit Gate valves offer increased value by incorporating advanced design features. These valves are designs and manufactured with a full bore port, rising stem, OS & Y type with floating seats.

Plug Valve

Camtech Pressure Balanced Lubricated Plug valves robust in construction and easy In-Line maintainability. These valves are used where existing pulsating or static high pressures are present.

API 6A Vlave

Camtech API 6A valves provide highest level of quality and value to oil and gas application. These valves have optimized flow path and proper selection of trim style and material for longer life, proper performance and function.

Pigging Valve

Camtech pig valves are robust in construction and are developed from our existing range of Trunnion mounted ball valves, and having the function of launching or receiving pig.


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